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Astute Financials is the leading company in financial portfolio management. Our Management skills are designed according to investors Risk tolerance, Time frame, and investment objectives.

We determine proper investment allocation with the sole aim of maximizing expected return and minimizing the risk. We believe regardless of how unpredictable the market may seem, we believe efficient solutions are always available, this preferred solution is what we select with careful and thorough considerations in our trades between risk and return.


Our Approaches

Our approaches and principles to clients portfolio asset allocation and management includes:

  • Modern Portfolio theory
  • Treynor Index
  • Sharpe diagonal model
  • Abritrage pricing model
  • Equality weighing
  • Value risk Model
  • Jensen Index.

Talking Points

  • Are we registered? YES!
  • Account is in clients name YES!
  • No one can withdraw clients fund except the client YES!
  • Client send their funds directly through their bank to Brokerage firm YES!
  • We only manage clients fund on his behalf YES!

Basic Account

This is developed for young and aspiring investors who want to plunge into the monumental financial market. Our basic account management conditions are ranked among the best if not the best reasonable and reliable management product any real financial advisor can offer. We at astute financials put our self in your shoes, knowing fully well that sometimes you need to start from a stage. We don't just support dreams we nuture and manage it, using comprehensive and well tested investment ideas, portfolio diversification and strict money management rules, we develop it to a phenomenal phase. To open an account with us click here
  • Minimum account deposit of NGN1,000,000, $2,000 or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Zero account management initiation fee.(click here to open a new account)
  • Zero management fee
  • 35% performance fee
  • Full access to your trading account 24/7
  • Only you can deposit and withdraw from your account
  • Expected return quaterly 8% - 10%
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Premium Account

This management type is developed for both developing and seasoned investors who actually wants to plunge into the financial market but conservatively. Investments with Astute Financials is handled by our professionals as it is with all management types, strong and reliable analysis with dedication, specializing in systematic investment strategies for currencies and other asset classes. Strategies involved in our account management procedures are grounded in solid economic principles and most importantly common sense; controlling your risk to the barest considerable minimum and enhancing your portfolio returns using diverse trading instruments, market and trading system.
  • Minimum deposit NGN5,000,000, $15,000.
  • Zero account management initiation fee (click here to open a new account)
  • Zero management fee
  • 30% performance fee
  • Full access to your trading account 24/7
  • Exclusive right to deposit and withdrawal in your account.
  • Expected return quaterly 10% - 12%
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Platinum Account

For seasoned investors who understands that there are tremendous opportunities here in the financial market and are ready to plunge into it big time. Using comprehensive market analysis, there is no limit to what can be made, with solid and secure investment strategies that provide huge returns; we make sure our clients are well satisfied with our services.
  • Minimum deposit NGN25,000,000, $40,000
  • Zero account management initiation fee click here to open a new account)
  • Zero management fee
  • 20% performance fee
  • Full access to your trading account 24/7
  • Exclusive right to deposit and withdrawal in your account
  • Expected return quaterly 12% - 15%
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