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Astute Strategy and Development Methodology

In determining our trading decisions, we strive to use some of the best trading strategies, for our trading setups, some of these strategies include, Elliot wave, Fibonacci, Gartley patterns, trend lines, candle Sticks, Chart patterns and of course Divergences.
Our managers are core Analyst, that is, no robot or Expert advisor involved in our trading decisions, even though a system that is 100% does not exist, we strive very hard to reduce the margin for error to the barest minimum, we analyze, double check and verify all setups before concluding on all our trading decisions.

Fair Fee Structure

Astute Financials assesses a management fee of 0% and a performance fee which varies between 35% - 20%, depending on the management type you choose. We arrived at these figures based on industry standards and potential benefits we expect you to reasonably receive by investing with us. We request that your investment horizon be longer-term and you to be patient, as we attempt to capture more larger and stronger trends that could provide significant returns.
We strive to calculate our performance fee differently than at least most management firms out there. We calculate our performance fees based on the profits of closed trades causing an account to reach a new high watermark. The reason for doing this is to keep you from paying fees on profits you have not realized. The question you ought to be asking yourself is: Why should I pay fees on profits I may not even realize? That is why we charge 0% for our management fee and only charge on our performances because we believe in our work, we believe in our performance...We are astute in what we do!


First, Your account is opened with a fully regulated brokerage company, Full NDD(non-dealing desk) and is regulated not just in EU but in 15 other countries. Funds you wish to invest are placed with the broker, under your name. This means your investment is insured and could be safer from funds misappropriation. Additionally, balance,withdrawal and other critical accesses including your account information ought to be available directly to you from the broker.
Also, we can tailor our risk management systems to help keep maximum draw downs maximized. Just inform us of your draw down tolerance and we will make adjustments if necessary.

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