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Orimolade Temitope Francis

Below is a profile of one of the Astute Team:

NAME: Orimolade Temitope Francis
POSITION: Senior Financial Analyst

Proudly AstuteFinancials


Orimolade Temitope Francis is the founder of Astute Financials whose active duty is to carry out financial advisory services to its esteemed clients. He is also the Senior Financial Analyst of the firm Astute Financials.

He has been a live trading veteran for over 15 years, a university graduate with insatiable thirst to trade the financial markets.

He is a core Technical Analyst with reputable track records gifted from extensive experience in various asset classes and their investment in the financial market. Having worked with different brokerage companies as a core staff with amazing potentials in different capacities, this earned him the abilities to serve in different qualifications.

He is also crowned with comprehensive knowledge in the application of different technical analytical tools, which includes but not limited to the complex methods like Elliot Wave, Gann, Pitchfork, Fibonacci, Harmonics, Trendlines, Divergencies, Chart patterns, Candle patterns and Numerous Indicators. His comprehensive approach to Portfolio and Risk Management includes Modern Portfolio theory, Treynor Index, Value risk model , Jensen Index and many more.

He has anchored dozens of seminars and webinars and is the sole author of “Trading Made Easy”, a very insightful book regarding the financial market trading.

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